Since 1915

Our history

Few words about us...

The story of PROMPONAS family manufacture, started on the beginning of the previous century, when in 1915 Dimitris Promponas decided to produce and bottle the "Naxos Citron" local liquer. During the difficult years of war, Promponas family struggled for the successful continuation of the project. Later, Stamatis Promponas, son of Dimitris, takes over company management. With the valuable help and support of his wife Sofia the Citron Production saw an exponential growth, augmented cumulative sales and product demand reached the highest peak. By using his restless spirit and edless passion for expansion, he founded in 1978 the Winery, together with the manufacture of traditional preserved jars of spoon sweets, and became the first to produce the unique crunchy cherry sweet in entire Naxos Island. Today his daughters Katerina and Lina, continue the company legacy. By having their culture and family tradition as a set of values, they try to give to the world the most fresh ideas according today's demands.

Our Company

Our company operates since 1915 in distillery and from 1978 in wine manufacturing, with Dimitris Promponas as a pioneer and founder, succeeded by Stamatis Promponas. With passion, love and dedication to tradition, we create the local drink of Naxos "Citron Promponas" that consists of citron tree leaves pure essence. We didn't stop there. We created Ariadne liquer by distiling the citron tree nut. We also created "Tsipouromelo Promponas" with the exquisite taste and aromas, made from Tsipouro, Honey and various herbs. The next step, was to create the homemade sour cherry liquer and a vast variety of preserved jar spoon sweets from selected fruits. In order to support our big local wines Promponas collection, we gather the best grapes from all Naxian Villages, and produce white, rose ,red wines and retsina.

Katerina & Lina Promponas, by showing the same love, goals and passion continue today the family business with great success. They have put their personal signature and continue their work in restless manner.

And the Tradition goes on...!!!

Journey of Promponas Naxos Citron by historical etiquettes

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